The African-American looking twin/king of Kinkow and one of the two protagonists of the series. Inherited his mother's skin complexion. He likes making jokes and references to Beyoncé. He is funny and bit brave. Boomer has moments of carelessness and is rarely serious, unlike his brother Brady, however in Season 2 he begins to behave in a slightly more responsible and brave manner. In one episode, he is shown to be childish. After Brady takes them to school, Boomer gets placed in the "Meerkat" group, and loves it there with the kindergarteners. However, he leaves them to go be with Brady on the beach. He makes up with them though and had a hand in saving Brady and Mikayla live in that situation. It's shown in recent episodes that he is not scared of ghosts, unlike Brady. Boomer believes he has the chime but in reality it is actually Brady. He also owns a vase which has become a running gag in the series mainly because it gets broken mostly by Brady and always fixed up in the next episode. Of the two, Boomer is more friendly and trusting, befriending Oogie when they first met, and apologizing to The Squonks after they are insulted by Brady.