The caucasian looking twin/king of Kinkow and one of the two protagonists of the series. Inherited his father's skin complexion. He has a crush on Mikayla, he asked her to marry him in the first episode. He is more illogical and in certain situations more serious than Boomer and he appears to be somewhat childish. He often uses his history of being bullied to help figure out how to solve a problem. He considers himself much of a ladies' man, though this is not true. In one episode, he becomes extremely jealous of Tristan, a yeti-hunting exotic boy who is a friend of Mikayla, to the point where he goes to school to keep in eye on them, getting placed in the "Meerkat" group with kindergarteners. In the same episode, he declares a school holiday for an entire month, and then buys tickets for Tristan to go hunt yetis. Tristan refuses, despite Brady's insistence, and stays on Kinkow. Brady becomes an extreme sportsman to make Mikayla like him, but ends up getting stuck on a mountain ledge. In one episode it is shown he is scared of ghosts. Brady also has the "chime" or singing voice which Boomer lacks. In the episode "Tone Deaf Jam," he reveals his musical talent. He also play the electric and acoustic guitar. It is sometimes said that "looks are all he has." Brady is also very suspicious and is quick to judge, albeit falsely, which is shown when he and Boomer met Oogie and later The Squonks. He sometimes becomes a ninja when he sleeps, during which time he has proven capable of defeating a group of guards, and even Mason, although he usually attacks Boomer. Brady unlike Boomer, shows a strong desire to be like their dad.