The Royal Adviser's only daughter who assists the twins. Brady often implies that he loves her, she also shows small hints of perhaps liking Brady back. In the episode "Kings of Thieves," she was attracted to Sirocco (who is Brady) and asked Sirocco to kiss her but failed when Boomer interrupted. Also in the episode "Pair of Prom Kings," she decides to be Brady's date after seeing his kingly side. It is later shown in the episode "The Ex Factor," that she has been dating with a raider named Lucas for years and he refuses to break up with her. She is shown to catch on quickly and is skilled with a sword. She is also the best trained security member on the island, other than her father Mason and is left in charge whenever he must leave and must look after the kings and their mess and try to sort it out before she gets in trouble off her father, Mason. She was also briefly turned into a mermaid by Aerosol, an evil mermaid. Her mother is never mentioned or seen.